Times change and so do we

Today, our journey takes on a new color where innovation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and agility are our values. Join the journey towards a smarter, more responsible digital era with AMD BLUE, an innovative and passionate IT consulting company. We embody the perfect fusion of performance and well-being.

About us

Imagine a place where innovation and well-being merge to create technological solutions.

A consulting company like no other.

Since 2005, we've had a secret way of achieving the perfect balance between performance and well-being at work. And guess what? It works remarkably well.

At AMD BLUEAt AMD BLUE we don't just code or consult. We cultivate an environment of innovation where every "AMEDIAN" makes his or her own unique contribution. The result? Over 100 digital experts who turn every project into an exciting adventure, in France and abroad. AMEDIAN makes his or her own unique contribution. The result? Over 100 digital experts who turn every project into an exciting adventure, in France and abroad.

What is the secret ofAMD BLUE It's simple: we put people at the heart of our strategy. Because a well-rounded team is the key to lasting success.

Discover the positive experience at AMD BLUEwhere every day is an opportunity to create and grow. Here, coffee is always hot, ideas are always innovative, and smiles are ever-present.

Join us to write the next chapter of our history together!

Our values

At AMD BLUE, we take our values seriously!
So, here's our secret recipe. For us, Management 4.0 is like running a business: combining agility, innovation and team spirit to explore new frontiers of efficiency!


For us transparency isn't just a buzzword, it's a daily practice. We believe in open and honest communication, both within our team and with our customers and partners.


Our Ears are always wide open, and not just for compliments. Your ideas and opinions are the fuel of our innovative rocket. Together, we go further!


The Respect is sacred with us , a bit like the last cookie in the box. We share it with everyone, without exception, creating an environment in which everyone feels as precious as a treasure.


La Trustis our motto. Stronger than a castle, it is the foundation of all our relationships. For us, a promise given is a sacred commitment, sealed by trust.

Why join us?

At AMD BLUEwe don't just promise free coffee and table tennis (although we have that too!).
More than that, we offer a professional adventure where your work has a real impact. Join a team of brilliant, creative and sometimes a little crazy people who are passionate about what they do.

Enter the world of AMEDIANSwhere well-being is our cheat code! Agile as a Thursday wielding the force, our team navigates projects with dexterity.
Here, events are not side quests, but episodes from a cult series: gaming parties, Iron Man-style hackathons.
So, are you ready to join our digital league?

Here, every day is a new opportunity to innovate, learn and, of course, share a few laughs around our gifted coffee machine.

And that's not all: we believe in work-life balance. So, if you're looking for a place where your talent will be recognized, where your ideas will be appreciated, and where you'll never be too far from a good joke or a challenging puzzle, this is the place!

Joining AMD BLUEmeans choosing a career that's just like you: dynamic, rewarding and always surprising.

So, are you ready to take the plunge?

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Our Blue Teams

In a world where adaptability is essential, AMD Blue anticipates, adapts and innovates for its customers. We firmly believe that every great success is the result of a meeting of minds. That's why our approach, organized in Blue Teams, offers tailor-made solutions accompanied by a set of personalized services, designed to meet your precise business and technological requirements.


Enter a new era of development and operations with Blue Ops. Our DevOps expertise guarantees seamless integration and delivery, dramatically reducing the time-to-market of your applications. We're revolutionizing IS infrastructure automation.


Innovez grâce à Blue Automation. Nos solutions de RPA (Robotic Process Automation) transforment vos processus métier en les rendant plus rapides, précis et efficaces. Libérez-vous des tâches répétitives et augmentez votre productivité.


Reinvent your data management with Blue Data! Our innovative approach to data science and analytics transforms your raw data into predictive solutions. We integrate the most advanced Big Data technologies.


Create without limits with Blue Numérique. Our no-code/low-code development factory democratizes the creation of digital solutions. It lets you build applications and workflows quickly, without compromising quality or security. 


Choose sustainable IT with Blue Green IT. Our eco-responsible initiative aims to reduce the ecological footprint of your IS by optimizing the energy efficiency of your IT infrastructures and integrating sustainability principles into all our projects.


Blue Security is your strategic partner for enhanced IT security. We offer proactive risk management, ongoing training for your employees, and the integration of cybersecurity at the heart of your development processes.

Blue Factory

At AMD BLUEwe believe in the art of bespoke expertise, where rigor is not lacking, but boldness is. Think of each information system as a complex and unique puzzle: we are committed to providing not only the perfect pieces to complete it, but also to transcending expectations to create an unrivalled technological work of art. And all this accompanied by automated reporting, thanks to our expertise in RPA (Robotic Process Automation), ensuring transparency and understanding at every stage of the process.

Flexibility à la carte and cutting-edge expertise: at AMD BLUEour solutions adapt to your needs like a chameleon.

AMD BLUE and Maguen Cyber are the cybersecurity dream team: cyber resilience, security audits, penetration testing, data protection.

Discover our revolutionary approach to modernizing your legacy solutions, whether designed in Delphi, Adelia, Cobol, PowerBuilder or any other obsolete technology. At AMD BLUE, we understand the complex challenges of maintaining and evolving these legacy systems.  

        • Progressive modernization   
        • Complete re-engineering  
        • Migration to newer platforms

Explore our RPA solution, a revolutionary advance in process automation. Simplify your operations, accelerate workflows and unleash your company's potential with intelligent, efficient automation.

They trust us

Blue Eco

Each initiative reflects our commitment to creating a more just, sustainable and inclusive world.

Human focus : We value and encourage each individual to flourish in a caring environment conducive to personal development.

Responsible IT Innovation : We are committed to ethical innovation, contributing to responsible and sustainable technological pro.

Ecological Commitment and Pay Equity : We fight discrimination, adopt eco-responsible practices and ensure pay equity for all.

Flexibility and Diversity at Work : Nous favorisons des politiques de travail flexibles et renforçons la diversité et l’inclusion, surtout dans les postes de direction.

Technology, Mental Health and Cybersecurity We invest in continuous training, promote the ethical use of technology, support employee mental health and ensure rigorous cybersecurity.

Blue Responsable et societale

We are committed to transforming the company through a sustainable and conscious approach, harmonizing our eco-responsible actions with our societal impact for a better future.

Eco-responsibility : essential to our identity, with optimal resource management and proactive waste reduction.

Renewable energy and innovation : transition to renewable energies with innovation and environmental responsibility.

Strong social commitment: through educational and humanitarian initiatives and local partnerships.

Positive and sustainable impact : bringing significant value to society through technology and societal commitment.

Shaping a responsible future : working together for a future where technology advances in a responsible and beneficial way.

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Envision It

At AMD BLUEthe experience is unique: between eco-innovation projects and actions against inequalities, all in a fun atmosphere. It's a mix of professional seriousness and relaxation, creating a work environment that's both stimulating and enjoyable.

Blue life

We are committed to transforming the company through a sustainable and conscious approach, harmonizing our eco-responsible actions and our societal impact for a better future.

Events : Afterworks and relaxation workshops, because a little fun never hurts.

Well-being and fitness : We keep in shape with sports and relaxing activities.

Flexibility : Flexible working for a stress-free work/life balance.

We cultivate good humor as well as excellence.

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